After my most recent website re-haul, I had deactivated the ‘blog’ feature, as most of what I say is more suitable to today’s platforms (find me on: Twitter, LinkedIn, ResearchGate, Academia, …).

This was a couple of months ago – since then, I was surprised to still see that one blog post in particular was being actively searched for, according to Google Analytics: my guide to making EndNote X6+ and Office 2013 play nicely.

I’m not entirely sure how relevant said blog post will be in the coming months, due to the pending release of Office 2016 – but in light of people searching for it, I did a little bit of behind-the-scenes tinkering, and have re-enabled my blog. There have been some changes, however: the only posts that are visible are ones that have a wider application than just “general blabbing”. As of now, there is only one post that fits this criteria – the aforementioned Endnote/Office post. Will I add more content? I guess only time will tell.